I’ve been in a battle to the death with someone, and I’m pretty sure they don’t even know. I’m a pretty unique individual in the sense of my name, who else in the world do you know named Craighton?

I’m sure you’ve at least once Googled yourself. If you have a more general name like Tom or John you’ll almost never appear as one of the top spots. For me it’s different, when you Google for my first name you actually get me, or at least my Twitter account. I’ve always been the top spot because of the uniqueness of my name. Now the tides have changed and I’ve got competition with my name. It seems a Craighton Berman has appeared out of thin air and is taking my Google results.

In a sense I’ve still got the top spot with my Twitter and Google+ account, but now I’ve also got some competition from the other Craighton who is taking the number 3 and 4 spot on the Google results where once this blog and my tech blog, LogicLounge, used to reside.

I declare battle against my name and intend to get my top Google ranking spots back. I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I will somehow.